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Overzicht Violaero > Luchtvaart historie > The Legendary Douglas DC-3


  • ISBN
  • : 978-90-8616-149-2
  • Taal
  • : GB
  • Formaat
  • : 225 x 305 mm
  • Aantal pagina's
  • : 196
  • Bindwijze
  • : hard cover
  • Release datum
  • : 08-2022
  • Auteur
  • : Michael S. Prophet

The Legendary Douglas DC-3

A pictorial tribute


The Douglas DC-3 (1937)
Beneficairy of the epoch-making DC-2 technology, the DC-3 is generally considered the greatest single commercial transport in history, and certainly the most famous. The DC-3 revolutionized air travel to the extend not equal until the arrival of the jet age. Much of that revolution involved safety; for in 1937, thanks to its reputation for strenghtand reliability, air travel insurance finally became available to the general public.
DC-3's are still flying eight decades after its first debut, a tribute to the soundness of its brilliant design, and are likely to continue flying well into the next century. (most likely as a turbine aircraft). This was the airliner that not only made flying respectable, but enabled the struggling young aviation
industry to end its complete reliance on mail subsidies and finally come close to making money just by carrying passengers.
A photographic journey across the globe into the life and history of the immortal Douglas DC-3 Dakota and C-47 Skytrain
“The Legend Goes On and On”


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