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  • ISBN
  • : 978-90-8616-262-8
  • Taal
  • : GB
  • Formaat
  • : 220 x 285 mm
  • Aantal pagina's
  • : 248
  • Bindwijze
  • : softcover
  • Release datum
  • : 08-2021
  • Auteur
  • : Wim Nijenhuis

Mitchel Masterpieces 3

Illustrated history of B-25 warbirds in business


This is the third and final book about the North American B-25 Mitchell in service. The Volumes 1 and 2 of “Mitchell Masterpieces” dealt with the B-25s in military service. In this Volume 3, many B-25s will be described which operated in civil service in all different countries.
After the Second World War, the B-25 got a role in civil aviation. Many airplanes were stripped of their armament and other military equipment and often came through auctions in the civilian market. They came in private hands and were deployed for transportation of personnel or goods, for training, fire fighting, agricultural spraying or other purposes. Some were converted into a luxury business plane and some were used in the film industry. 
This book should serve as a general view of the companies, organisations and owners and the B-25s they flew. Moreover, the book would not be complete if no attention was paid to the civilian B-25s in the various museums and the warbird circuit. All this is described in detail and provided with about 900 pictures, many of which are in full colour.


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